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We strive towards providing high quality servers, but we can't do it on our own! Please donate to the server to show your support, and you will receive cool rewards for your generosity, of course! Click the tabs above to see what is available to purchase!
Without your support, the server can't stay up. Thank you.



By donating, you agree to the following
- All of the server rules still apply to you.
- You can still be banned if you break any of the rules, with no refund.
- If you are banned or do not like the items you purchased, you may not receive a refund.
- If you purchase Admin we have the right to take it away if you abuse your power.
- No refunds will be given is the server is to shut down for any reason.

Thanks to williambarker565 for being our first (and second) donator! :D
Also Thanks to jpsp123 for being our first player to donate for Admin! :D


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